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Characteristics and Classification of Glass Fiber Aluminum Foil Tape

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Glass Fiber Reinforced Aluminum Foil Tape Features

It has excellent water vapor barrier properties, exceptionally high mechanical strength and oxidation resistance, strong cohesion, corrosion resistance, weak acid, and alkali resistance.

fiberglass Reinforced Aluminum Foil Tape

Aluminum Duct Tape Uses

Aluminum Duct Tape Application

It is suitable for splicing pipe seals, heat insulation, water vapor barrier of HVAC ducts, cold and warm water pipes, especially pipe seals in the shipbuilding industry.

Aluminum foil fiberglass cloth tape is widely used in the explosion-proof adhesive surface of stoves and the thermal insulation veneer of large air ducts.

The constant or variable power electric floor mat heating system includes a heating cable, a glass fiber mesh, and a thermostat. The heating cable is bent and fixed on the net according to the thermal design, and the variable power (self-limiting) floor mat can be used. On the mobile electric heating floor, the floor mat is equipped with a negative ion far-infrared ecological function reflective layer (aluminum foil glass fiber cloth), a heat insulation layer (the bottom layer of the pixel sheet (non-woven fabric), and a technical decorative surface layer, and the decorative surface layer can be Hard or soft. This structure allows simple self-laying, installation, and use, without worrying about the heating cable's thermal and electrical design and construction, and suitable installation solutions can be selected before and after interior decoration.

Aluminum foil fiberglass cloth tape waterproof


Foil Tapes have the advantages of moisture resistance, air tightness, shading, abrasion resistance, fragrance preservation, non-toxic and tasteless. If this composite aluminum foil material is used for packaging retort food, it can at least ensure that the food does not deteriorate for more than one year. The aluminized film has good fragrance retention, metallic luster, and beautiful decoration, but it is not transparent, the package contents are not intuitive, and the resistance to bending is poor. Aluminized film is divided into rugged aluminum foil and soft aluminum foil. The thickness of the solid aluminum clamp is 20~3)μm; the thickness of the smooth aluminum foil is 7~σμm. During the pressing time, a large amount of lubricating oil is required for cooling and lubrication. Two sides are light when a single sheet is rolled; when two sheets are rolled, one side is dark. Rugged aluminum is generally used as a composite layer (with a relatively low surface finish), and soft aluminum is used for printing composites. Regarding the pinhole problem: 7μm is less than 50 holes/m3; 9μm is less than 30 holes/m; 11pum is less than

The primary use of Aluminum Tape: Mainly used for anti-static products, beer, soft drinks, and other beverages and canned food, retort food packaging surface oil degree is divided into A, B, C, and D four-level pressure-sensitive adhesive tape. A sticky tape product can be attached to the surface of an object after being pressed. Generally composed of pressure-sensitive adhesive, base, release paper, etc., there are single-sided tape, double-sided tape, and trademark paper tape with release paper.

There are many kinds of tapes; the most widely used is packaging tape. For example, nearly half of the output in China is packaging tape used for carton sealing, etc. The other main ones are surface protection tape, stationery tape, industrial tape, and reflective stickers. And many more. Among the industrial videos, the videos used in the electronics industry have become a significant branch of tape production. Various tapes with unique properties such as high temperature, low temperature, high voltage, flame retardant, electrical shielding, etc., are used. More and more widely, its varieties have far exceeded the tapes used in other industries and become the main high-grade and unique tape products, which are commonly used in electronic component factories, resistors, capacitor tapes, automatic plug-in tapes in electrical processing plants, transformers, coils Insulation, circuit shielding, explosion-proof picture tube, printer/replicator parts bonding, etc., tin spray protection and gold plating protection in the circuit board factory.

Tapes can be roughly divided into plastic film tapes such as PE tape, OPP tape, PE tape, PVC tape, polyimide tape, PTFE tape, etc.; fabric tapes such as cotton tape, acetate cloth tape, glass fiber cloth tape, etc.; paper tapes such as kraft paper tape, masking tape; composite tapes such as PET film/non-woven composite tape, PET film/micron paper composite tape, etc., as well as other substrate tapes such as Copper foil tape, aluminum foil tape, foam tape, etc.

The glue used is mainly divided into three categories: rubber tape, acrylic tape, and silicone rubber tape.

The production of tape usually includes pre-processing procedures such as glue manufacturing, coating, and drying, as well as post-processing procedures such as rewinding, slitting, slitting, and packaging. In the previous processing, the tape's basic chemical and physical properties are mainly determined by the glue's properties, the substrate's properties, and the processing technology, such as viscosity, initial adhesion, tensile strength, elongation, temperature resistance, unwinding force—insulation, etc., which also determines the characteristics and applications of the tape itself.

The subsequent processing is to reprocess the semi-finished tape in terms of appearance, shape, size, etc., so that it can meet the end user's requirements. In the process of subsequent processing, the tension control of rewinding, the cutting tool's precision, and the cutting edge's condition during slitting and cutting play a vital role in the quality of the final product.

Aluminum flashing tape

Aluminum flashing tape is coated with acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive on the surface of aluminum foil, one-sided glue, made of silicone-treated release paper, with good UV resistance, some chemical resistance, moisture resistance, fire resistance, the main application For refrigeration, electronic related industries.

Features: Bright silver, UV-resistant, fire-resistant, can prevent more chemical corrosion, outdoor application, and good weather resistance.

Uses: It can be used for heat and cold reflective insulation and thermal insulation wrapping, can be used in pipelines, and engine supports can wrap wires to prevent heat, waterproof and dustproof, etc., and can also be used for outdoor operations.

Sealing, transparent, sealing, and transparent sealing tape have good adhesion to substrates; high surface energy plastics and metal sheets have high bonding strength; temperature, water, and chemical resistance are excellent.

Uses: Suitable for isolation and bonding of upper and lower lines of membrane switches; high-performance adhesives have extremely high stability and are suitable for long-term use of keys.

PVC protective film tape is made of PVC film substrate with single-sided glue, acrylic glue, or acrylic glue with excellent adhesion performance, muscular tensile strength, good cold resistance, anti-aging solid performance, single-sided paste, no residual glue, masking performance Good,, wear-resistant and solvent-resistant, etc.

Application: Suitable for surface protection of various metals, such as: "aluminum alloy, stainless steel, glass sandblasting process."

Electrical adhesive tape is made of soft polyvinyl chloride film coated with rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side. It has good insulation properties, high voltage, high temperature, and high flame retardancy. Insulation protection is widely used in the electronics and electrical industries.

Features: strong shrinkage elasticity, easy to tear, easy to roll, high voltage resistance, high flame retardancy, and good weather resistance. Uses: can be used for wrapping wires and air conditioning pipes, widely used in electrical and electronic industry insulation protection.

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