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Heaterk Test Standard
Heaterk Test Standard

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In the years of production, research, development, and export, Heaterk clearly and strictly abides by various countries' fire and heat resistance standards.

Our products are rigorously tested and measured by the following standards, and the certifications obtained include, but are not limited to ASTM, UL, BS, ISO, etc.

The following are the test standards and certifications our fire insulation materials meet:


  • ASTM E84 – Surface combustion performance of building materials
  • ASTM D 3776 – Mass per unit area of fabric materials
  • ASTM D 1777 – Method of Measurement of Thickness of Fabric Materials
  • ASTM D 5035 – Breaking Force and Elongation Testing of Products
  • ASTM D 3884 – Test of Product Abrasion Resistance by Double Head Rotating Platform
  • ASTM D 4157 – Pendulum Cylinder Test for Wear Resistance
  • ASTM D 1424 – Testing the tear resistance of products by the drop pendulum test
  • ASTM D 5587 – Testing Products for Tear Resistance by the Trapezoid Method
  • ASTM D 3786 – Method for Hydraulic Burst Strength of Products
  • ASTM D 1582 – Nonvolatile Content of Adhesives
  • ASTM D 1489 – Nonvolatile Components of Waterborne Adhesives
  • ASTM D 1084 – Adhesive Viscosity Test
  • ASTM D 471 – Material and Fluid Reaction Testing
  • ASTM D 413 – Test Method for Rubber Adhesion (Flexibility)
  • ASTM D 2084 – Vulcanization Test
  • ASTM D 4723 – Textile Test Method for Ignition Coefficient and Ignition

BS(EXOVA Certificate)

  • BS476-6: Fire testing of building materials and construction. Part 6: Test methods for fire spread of articles
  • BS476-7: Fire testing of building materials and construction. Part 7: Test Method for Determining the Surface Spread of Fire Classification of Products

UL(Plastic Material)

  • UL94-V0: After two 10-second burn tests on the sample, the flame was extinguished within 10 seconds.
  • UL181: Standard for Test for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials


  • ISO-9001: International Quality System Management Standard
  • ISO-14001: Environmental Management System Certification Process
  • ISO-18001: Global standard for occupational health and safety systems

We constantly strive to improve product performance to achieve higher test standards, and more test standards will be added gradually.

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