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Silicone Coated Fiberglass Fabric Silicone Coated Fiberglass Fabric

Heat Resistant Fabric,Fire Resistant Insulation

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Fireproof Fabric,Fire Resistant Insulation

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Excellent Heat, Flame and Spark Resistance

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About Heaterk
HEATERK, your go-to expert for insulating fabrics, delivers top-notch, heat-resistant, fire-resistant solutions worldwide. Trust our industry-leading materials for ultimate protection and performance—partner with HEATERK—experience quality, professionalism, and unparalleled customer satisfaction.
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About Heaterk
Quality and Reliability

Heaterk sets the bar with eco-friendly, premium materials in both base fabrics and coatings. Our rigorous manufacturing and strict adherence to industry standards make us a trusted leader in the field.

Custom and Flexibility

Heaterk crafts tailored solutions for any project, from coatings to performance fabrics & composite materials. Leverage our extensive expertise & swift service to meet your unique needs with precision & speed.

Certifications and Compliance

Heaterk meets industry norms, proudly boasting UL, BS, ASTM, and NFPA certifications. Our tested and proven products ensure you receive top-grade, compliant insulating solutions.

Environmental and Social Responsibility

Heaterk champions global eco-consciousness, adhering to ISO14001:2015 standards in energy, wastewater, & waste recycling. We're dedicated to fostering a greener future with every innovative stride.

Choose Heaterk for unbeatable value in insulating fabrics—experience competitive pricing without compromising quality. Our responsive customer service ensures your needs are met swiftly and efficiently, while our reliable lead times guarantee product availability when it matters most. Trust Heaterk for excellence in price, service, and availability.
Expert care, customer satisfaction.
Rapid solutions, timely delivery.
Premium quality, wallet-friendly prices professional drvers
Our Team
Heaterk's team is experienced and passionate. We will bring you an unprecedented experience with rich experience, professional technology, active service, and excellent quality.
Eric Zhang
Eric Zhang
Zoe Xue
Zoe Xue
2022.11.21 Heaterk Conducts Foreign Trade Skills Training Nov 22, 2022 2022.11.21 Heaterk Conducts Foreign Trade Skills Training

This week, Heaterk launched foreign trade skills training for the business team, which strengthened the business team's process of connecting with customers and knowledge of international trade, so as to better serve customers.

2022.9.9 All Heaterk Staff Celebrate Mid-autumn Festival Nov 22, 2022 2022.9.9 All Heaterk Staff Celebrate Mid-autumn Festival

On August 15th in the Chinese lunar calendar, September 9th in 2022, is the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. All Heaterk employees celebrate the traditional Chinese festival Mid-Autumn Festival together.

2022.9.7 The Business Team Learn the Latest Product Knowledge Nov 22, 2022 2022.9.7 The Business Team Learn the Latest Product Knowledge

During this study, we strengthened the business team's knowledge of PTFE coating technology, enabling the business team to serve customers better.

Over more than 75 different materials, find the best solution for your project.
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