Welding Blanket

Item No.: 00171
Temperature Rating: 1022℉~1832℉(550℃~1000℃)
Certifications: ASTM E84, FM Global and NFPA-701 Flame Retardant Certification
  • Size:
  • Material:
    Glass Fiber
    High Silica
    Ceramic Fiber
Description Review

Composite Welding Blankets

Heaterk offers spark welding blankets made of silicone-coated fiberglass fabrics with various heat-resistant filler materials.


This kind of welding blanket is favored by heavy industry due to its highly high-temperature resistance (1022℉~1832℉/550℃~1000℃) and flame retardant, flexible, and wear-resistant characteristics.

The composite coating fiberglass welding blanket is composed of a variety of materials. The outer layer is made of glass fiber fabric with extremely high tensile strength and is sewn with copper rings and edging, which is convenient for mounting while the inner layer is composed of glass fiber cotton, which ensures the softness of the product. The glass fiber cotton in the middle is also to make sure that the product will not burn while coming in contact with the flame and ensure the integrity of the other side to protect it likewise from d inferent working temperatures. It is filled with various materials, such as ceramic fiber, carbon fiber, high silica, vermiculite, etc., and adapts to high heat, high temperature, molten metal splash, and other harsh work areas.

Use retardant blankets for heat shields, curtains, equipment covers, or any horizontal surface covering to avoid safety hazards caused by sparks spattering in heavy-duty cutting welding.

Quality Grommets

Using a high-quality lock ring. The material of the lock ring can be customized, and it can be made of any material, such as stainless steel, brass, aluminum alloy, etc.

Reflective Strip Design

The edge is designed with reflective strips, which are convenient for use outdoors or in low-light environments at night to ensure the personal safety of users.

High-Temperature Resistant Filling Material

Over the past five years, we have received more and more customer feedback for a product that combines strength with high-temperature performance.

Therefore, we manufacture fire blankets through multi-layer composite materials, aiming to provide safety protection for more unique environments by combining the material strength of glass fiber with the high-temperature resistance of fillers.