Vermiculite Coated Fiberglass Fabric

Item No.: 00118
Vermiculite Coated Fiberglass Fabric is made of vermiculite evenly coated on glass fiber cloth to form a protective film on the surface of the glass fiber fabric so that the working temperature can be increased to 810 ℃.
Description Review
Material Vermiculite Coating + Fiberglass Test Method
Temperature Resistance

Fixed working temperature:

810°C (1490°F)

Maximum instantaneous temperature: 1090℃(1994 °F)

ASTM D-6413

441 - 1458 g/sq m

(13.01 - 43 oz/sq yd)


0.58 - 2.03 mm

(0.02-0.08 in)

Color Golden -

Product Model: ZB10001

Revision Date: 2022.8.16

ZB10001 can be manufactured to meet NRC Guideline Requirement 1.36 and Military Specification MIL-I-24244 as well as ASTM E84. ANSI/FM 4950 Approved for welding curtains, and building fire insulation, Simultaneous Satisfaction BS 476 Construction Vertical Combustion Test Standard.

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Vermiculite-Coated Cloth

Vermiculite Coated Fiberglass Fabric Introduction

The vermiculite-coated fiberglass fabric adopts E-glass electronic grade fiberglass fabric, which can be used as insulation blankets, welding protection blankets, exhaust heat shielding, etc., after being treated with vermiculite coating.
The Heaterk's vermiculite-coated cloth is asbestos-free and is produced strictly with ISO9001 and 14001 to ensure compliance with professional production specifications. These high-temperature resistant fabrics are rated for operating temperatures up to 810°C (1490°F) and transient temperatures up to 1090°C (1994°F).
To improve the adhesion, sealing, and flame retardant performance of the fabric, Heaterk adopts unique bonding technology and materials, which makes the fabric 30% higher than its competitors, and further improves the adhesion and wear resistance of the product.
We can manufacture products that meet your requirements according to your needs, whether it is width, thickness, temperature resistance, performance, or further adding steel wire to enhance the fabric performance, etc.

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Vermiculite Coated Fiberglass Cloth Features

  • Lightweight and high corrosion resistance. It is suitable for above-ground pipeline engineering, pond wall irrigation, and direct construction technology inside and outside the surface layer.
  • Long service life, anti-aging, and good thermal insulation performance.
  • The construction is convenient, the cost is reduced, and the work efficiency is improved.
  • Easy to process and cut.
  • Arbitrary combination of a variety of high temperature resistant, fire retardant, and flame retardant fabrics.

Vermiculite Cloth Application

Vermiculite Coated Fabric Application

Bulk cloth is suitable for insulation of soft and rigid pipes, thermal insulation cover during heating and freezing periods, fireproof shell and other insulating protective layers, and insulation of ship equipment. Compared with asbestos cloth, it has outstanding advantages, such as being dust-free and has no damage to the human body. It is a good substitute for asbestos.

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