Silicone Aluminum Foil Double Sided Fiberglass Fabric

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Double-Sided Silicone Aluminum Foil Fiberglass Fabric is a two-sides silicone coated fiberglass coated with silicone on one side and laminated with Aluminum Foil on the other.
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- Double Sided Fiberglass Fabric with One Side Aluminum Foil and Another Silicone -

This reversible fabric from Heaterk is an E-Glass fiberglass fabric with a black silicone coating on one side for high-temperature resistance and a laminated aluminum foil fabric on the other for heat reflection and complete liquid repellency Gas permeable. This fabric can withstand temperatures of 250°C in continuous and 550°C in peak operation.

Silicone-coated aluminum foil fabric is specially designed for indoor and outdoor pipe and wall protection, preventing objects or materials from being affected by moisture, high temperature, and flames. The material is soft, and the silicone side has strong wear resistance to cut at will. Heaterk is recommended as a sealing material for pipes and walls. It can also make fireproof document bags, fireproof bags, and other fireproof packaging materials.

Aluminum foil silicone-coated fabric passed the certification of UL723 regulations (Test for surface burning characteristics of building materials) in 2018, with V0 certification.


- Fabric Features -


Heat Insulation and High-Temperature Resistance

Heat Insulation and High-Temperature Resistance


Test Standard: ASTM-C16-21, ASTM-C16-30

The double-sided coating combines aluminum foil's excellent thermal reflectivity with silicone fabric's thermal insulation properties.

The continuous operating temperature is 250°C, and the short-term operating temperature is 550°C. With a thermal reflectivity of 97%, higher performance can be provided.


Water Impermeable Fiberglass Fabric

Water Impermeability


Test Standard: ISO 811-1981

Under standard conditions, there is no evidence of water droplet penetration before maximum tear strength.

Under the unit water pressure, there is no liquid penetration and moisture in the outer layer. During the service life, there is no need to worry about waterproofing.

Heat Reflective Aluminum Foil Fiberglass Fabric

97% Heat Reflectivity


Test Standard: ASTM-C16-21

Under the test standard, the thermal reflectivity of the aluminum foil surface can reach 97%. Combined with the silicone fabric's low conductivity coefficient, it can significantly save thermal energy and improve thermal efficiency.

Flame Retardant Aluminum coated Fiberglass

Flame Retardancy


Test Standard: UL 94 V0,UL181,ASTM E84

Comply with many flame retardant standards. Under the standard test, the flame is extinguished within 1s, and the components are all grade A non-combustible materials, so there is no need to worry about fire hazards.

Date Sheet
Material Silicone Rubber + Aluminum Foil + Fiberglass Test Method
Silicone Rubber Coated Fiberglass Fabric PDF
Temperature Resistance 252°c (silicon Rubber) 553°c (glass Fiber) ASTM-D-6413
Weight 510 g/m² ± 10% (15.0 oz/sy ± 10%) ASTM-D-1777
Thickness 0.356 mm ± .025 mm(0.014" ± 0.001" ) -
Color Grey  



  • Fire pit mats, fire blankets, fire insulation materials, pipe veneers, heat shields.
  • Insulation material for heating and cooling equipment pipes.
  • Suitable for splicing of duct seals, HVAC ducts.
  • The outer sheath of sound and sound insulation materials, rock wool and ultra-fine glass wool on buildings.
  • Anti-moisture, anti-fog, anti-corrosion packaging materials.
  • The protective dressing of chemical equipment such as petroleum pipelines and steam pipelines plays the role of flame retardant, anti-corrosion and heat insulation.


  • Home Fire Protection, Thermal Insulation Applications
  • Outdoor Survival Temperature Control
  • Pipeline System Insulation Engineering
  • HVAC Duct Protection and Thermal Management
Fire Resistance UL 94 V0,UL181,ASTM E84
Thermal reflectivity ASTM-C16-21
Convective Heat ASTM-C16-30
Radiant Heat ASTM E648-19AE01
Water Penetration Resistance ISO 811-1981
Abrasion Resistance ASTM-D-3884-2009