Polyurethane(PU) Coated Fiberglass Fabric

Item No.: 00099
Polyurethane coating fiberglass cloth is often used for sound insulation veneer materials, air duct thermal protection fabrics, blinds, etc. The polyurethane-bonded high-density canvas membrane has different densities and is suitable for other loads.
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    Single Sided
    Double Sided
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    Standard Grade
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Description Review
Material PU Coating+Glass Fiber Polyurethane Coated Fiberglass Fabric PDF
Temperature Resistance 550°c (Glass Fiber) 180°c (PU Coating)
Weight 220g/gsm(6.49oz/sqyd)
Thickness 0.2 mm(0.008 inch)
Color Black


Model Basic cloth Overall Thickness Coating Sides Unit Weight Width
Metric (mm) US(Inches) Metric (g/m²) US(oz/sq yd) Metric (m) US(yd)
HKPB2820D 7628 0.2 0.008 1 220 6.6 1,1.27,1.5 1yd 0.3ft,1yd 1.2ft,1yd 1.9ft
HKPB2840S 7628 0.2 0.008 2 240 7.2 1,1.27,1.5 1yd 0.3ft,1yd 1.2ft,1yd 1.9ft
HKPB3230D 3732 0.45 0.018 1 460 13.8 1, 1.20, 1.5 1yd 0.3ft,1yd 0.9ft,1yd 1.9ft
HKPB3240S 3732 0.45 0.018 2 470 14.1 1, 1.20, 1.5 1yd 0.3ft,1yd 0.9ft,1yd 1.9ft
HKPB6640D 666 0.65 0.026 1 690 20.7 1, 1.5 1yd 0.3ft,1yd 1.9ft
HKPB6660S 666 0.66 0.0264 2 710 21.3 1, 1.5 1yd 0.3ft,1yd 1.9ft
HKPB6S40D 666S 0.68 0.0272 1 800 twenty four 1, 1.5 1yd 0.3ft,1yd 1.9ft
HKPB6S40S 666S 0.70  0.028 2 820 24.6 1, 1.5 1yd 0.3ft, one yd 1.9ft

- PU Coated Fiberglass Fabric -

Drawing upon our extensive legacy in the coated fiberglass fabric industry, Heaterk is proud to present our flagship polyurethane coated fabric. Our expertise shines in every thread, bearing testament to our commitment to high-quality and innovative solutions.


Product Overview:

Crafted to perfection, our polyurethane fabric is uniquely designed with the resilience of fiberglass. Expertly woven from high-quality E-glass filament yarn, the fabric undergoes our signature Pu coating process. Infused with aluminum pigments, the result is our top-tier PU coated fabric that stands unparalleled in the market.

Innovation at Its Core:

Our fabric's distinctive blend of polyurethane coating with high-density canvas ensures adaptability across varied densities. Tailored to handle diverse loads, it offers unique hardness characteristics. Its efficacy in noise absorption is significant, with sound insulation improvements of 16~35 dB.


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-Polyurethane Coated Fabric Features-

    At Heaterk, we take pride in crafting a polyurethane coated fabric that stands at the forefront of innovation and quality. Delving into the features, it's clear why our fabric remains an industry favorite.

    Superior Sound Absorption:

    Our PU coated fabric excels in minimizing noise. This sound-absorbing feature is especially crucial in bustling environments, ensuring tranquility even during chaos.

    Optimal Thermal Insulation:

    Crafted with high-quality polyurethane fiberglass, the fabric effectively maintains temperature stability. Whether it's guarding against the cold or retaining heat, our polyurethane fabric has got you covered.

    Unrivaled Abrasion Resistance:

    The PU coating on fabric equips it with an unmatched resilience against wear and tear. This ensures longevity and sustained aesthetic appeal.

    Certified Flame Retardant:

    Safety remains paramount. Our fabric proudly possesses a Flame Retardant Grade B1, underscoring our commitment to safeguarding assets and lives.

    Stable and Lightweight:

    Weighing in on the lighter side, our polyurethane coated fabrics don't compromise on morphological stability. Light, yet robust—this fabric embodies the best of both worlds.

    Eco-Conscious and Safe Construction:

    What is polyurethane laminated fabric if not environmentally friendly? Ours leaves no trace, being odorless and ensuring zero pollution to the environment. Plus, it's completely harmless to the human body, aligning with our mission of harmonizing innovation with well-being.

    Temperature Versatility:

    A testament to its superior engineering, this PU coated fabric performs remarkably in extreme temperatures, ranging from -200℃ to 180℃.


    Strength in Every Fiber:

    While its weight is a mere 220g per square meter, it doesn't skimp on strength. The foundational 7628 E-glass fiber fabric ensures a lightweight experience without compromising on durability.


    From what is a PU coating to what is polyurethane laminated fabric, our product offers answers in its myriad applications. Excelling as sound insulation veneers, air duct thermal protections, and dynamic blinds, it showcases the versatility of PU coating on fabric.


    • It's the ideal and economical fabric used for welding blankets, 
    • Fire-protecting curtain, expansion joints, and general insulation wrapping.

    Decades of dedication, a relentless pursuit of innovation, and a clear understanding of polyurethane coating for fabric have culminated in Heaterk's offering. When the question arises, "Is polyurethane fiberglass the best?" our polyurethane-coated fabrics resoundingly answer, "Yes!" Every fiber, every weave stands as a testament to our legacy and commitment. Choose Heaterk, choose excellence.


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