High Silica Fiberglass Fabric

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Heaterk's High Silica Fabrics offer unparalleled thermal protection up to 1000°C (1832°F). Perfect for welding, high-temperature applications, and industries demanding exceptional heat resistance.
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- Performance Parameters -


Material 96% Silica
Temperature Resistance

use 1000 ℃ (1832 ℉)

Softening point 1700°C (3092°F)

Weight 140gsm To 3000gsm
Thickness 0.6mm To 15mm, Or Customized
Color Yellow.


- Specification -


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  -Silica Fabric -


High Silica Fabric: Unparalleled Performance for Extreme Temperature Applications

Welcome to Heaterk, your trusted source for high-quality fireproof insulation fabrics. We are proud to introduce our exceptional product line of High Silica Fabrics, designed to provide superior thermal protection in high-temperature environments. With an impressive temperature resistance of up to 1000°C (1832°F), our high silica fabrics offer unmatched performance and reliability. Read on to discover the outstanding features and applications of our high silica fabric range.


Unmatched Performance Parameters:

Our High Silica Fabrics are engineered using 96% Silica, ensuring exceptional heat resistance and durability. Here are the performance parameters of our various fabric options:


1. Product Code: HKGB8060

- Thickness: 0.65mm (0.025inch)

- Weight: 612g/m2 (18oz/yd2)

- Ideal for applications that require lightweight yet reliable thermal protection.


2. Product Code: HKGB8095

- Thickness: 1mm (0.04inch)

- Weight: 880g/m2 (26oz/yd2)

- Provides a balance between flexibility and robust thermal insulation.


3. Product Code: HKGB8080

- Thickness: 1.3mm (0.054inch)

- Weight: 1200g/m2 (36oz/yd2)

- Offers increased thickness and weight for enhanced thermal resistance and durability.


4. Product Code: HKGB8100

- Thickness: 2mm (0.08inch)

- Weight: 1500g/m2 (44oz/yd2)

- Suitable for extreme temperature applications that demand maximum thermal protection.


5. Product Code: HKGB8150

- Thickness: 3mm (0.12inch)

- Weight: 1750g/m2 (52oz/yd2)

- Provides unparalleled thermal insulation and abrasion resistance for the most demanding environments.

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  - Quality and Purity -



At Heaterk, we are committed to delivering high purity and premium quality products. Our high silica fiberglass cloth consists of 96% amorphous silica fibers, meticulously woven into a silex pattern, ensuring superior abrasion resistance and exceptional strength. The result is a high-strength, woven silica cloth designed to safeguard equipment and personnel from extreme temperatures and harsh conditions.


 - Certifications -


Heaterk's high silica fiberglass cloth is compliant with industry standards and certifications, ensuring the highest level of safety and reliability. Certifications include ISO 9001ASTM E84, and EN 1869.


- Fabric Features -


Our high silica cloth's impressive array of features sets it apart from conventional glass fabrics. These include temperature endurance, resistance to thermal shock, and excellent electrical insulation properties. Our product's outstanding abrasion resistant, high strength, and woven silica design make it an ideal material for the power generation and metal processing industries.


silica fabric

silica fiberglass fabric

Features of high silica fiberglass fabric

Features of high silica fiberglass fabric

Features of high silica fiberglass fabric

Continuous High Temperature

 The high silicon oxide cloth has a high purity Sio2 content of more than 96%, which has heat resistance characteristics.

The high-silica fabrics submitted by Heaterk to the ASTM organization can be used continuously at 1000℃ under the standard test environment (ASTM-E84), the instantaneous heat resistance temperature can reach 1400℃, and the softening point is close to 1700℃.


Environmental Friendly

The amorphous silica fabric comprises high-strength, high-purity 96% amorphous silica fiber, does not contain asbestos and harmful gas, and adopts high-density plain or twill weaving technology non-irritating to the human body and ensures the safety of your business and personnel.


Easy to Process  

High silica cloth is a heat-resistant and soft particular crystal fiber fabric, which has the characteristics of high strength and easy processing.

Excellent softness makes amorphous silica fabric easy to cut and sew into fireproof clothing, blankets, curtains, etc.


Thermal and Sound Insulation

Silica glass fabrics has the advantages of low thermal conductivity, good chemical stability, good electrical insulation performance, low thermal shrinkage, and good sound insulation performance. It can play a better substitute role in the use scenario of glass fiber failure.


Weather Resistance

High-silica fabrics have the same excellent fiber properties as glass fibers and will not expire.

The performance of the fiber at room temperature will remain the same with time, which is convenient for long-term storage and use.


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- Unparalleled Features and Applications -


Our High Silica Fabrics possess a range of exceptional features that make them the ideal choice for a wide array of applications. Here are the key advantages and applications of our high silica fabric:

1. Unrivaled Temperature Resistance: With a long-term temperature resistance of 1000°C (1832°F), our high silica fabric ensures reliable thermal protection even in the most extreme heat conditions. It is perfect for applications involving welding blankets, welding curtains, and other high-temperature fabrics.

2. Exceptional Thermal Insulation: The high silica content in our fabrics provides excellent thermal insulation, effectively minimizing heat transfer. This feature is crucial for industries that require superior thermal protection, such as foundries, metalworking, and automotive manufacturing.

3. Superior Abrasion Resistance: Our high silica fabrics are renowned for their durability and resistance to abrasion, making them ideal for applications in rugged environments where mechanical wear is a concern. They are widely used in applications that include welding, fabrication, and equipment protection.

4. Versatile Applications: Our high silica fabrics find applications in a wide range of industries and sectors. These fabrics are ideal for thermal protection in industries such as petrochemicals, power generation, aerospace, and shipbuilding. They are also extensively used in the production of fire-resistant clothing, insulation covers, and high-temperature gaskets.

5. Coated with Silicone: To further enhance their performance, some of our high silica fabrics are coated with silicone. This coating provides added resistance to molten metal splash, sparks, and abrasion, making them suitable for applications where direct contact with hot metals is expected.

High Silica Fiberglass Fabric Application


  • High-temperature resistance, heat insulation, heat preservation, the sealing material
  • High-temperature ablation material, furnace curtain;
  • Fireproof materials (making fireproof clothing, curtains, flame retardant barriers, fire blankets, etc.)
  • High-temperature gas dust removal, liquid filtration; metal melt filtration, and purification
  • Automobile, motorcycle noise reduction, heat shield, exhaust gas filtration
  • Welding curtains, silica welding fabric, electrical insulation, thermocouple insulation wraps, insulation blankets
  • Building vertical surfaces insulation materials


  • Metals Processing
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Construction Industry
  • Fire and Flame Retardant Product Manufacturing
  • Complex Welding Industry


- Why Choose Us -

1. Uncompromising Quality: As a leading manufacturer, we ensure the highest standards of quality and precision in every fabric we produce. Our high silica fabrics undergo rigorous testing to meet industry specifications and deliver exceptional performance.


2. Extensive Product Range: Our product line offers a wide range of thicknesses and weights, providing flexibility in selecting the optimal fabric for specific applications. We strive to meet the diverse needs of our customers and offer tailored solutions to suit their requirements.


3. Expert Technical Support: With our extensive industry expertise, we offer comprehensive technical support to assist our customers in selecting the right high silica fabric for their applications. Our team of professionals is dedicated to delivering superior customer service and ensuring complete satisfaction.


Heaterk's High Silica Fabrics are the epitome of excellence in high-temperature thermal protection. With exceptional temperature resistance, outstanding thermal insulation, and superior durability, our fabrics provide unparalleled performance for a wide range of applications. Backed by our commitment to quality and exceptional customer service, Heaterk is your trusted partner for all your high silica fabric needs. Experience the difference of Heaterk's high-quality products and elevate your thermal protection to new heights.


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