Fire Pit Mat for Decking

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Heaterk offers a round Fire Pit Mat for Decking, having aluminum foil on one side and silicone on the other, which is temperature resistant up to 2000°F, providing unparalleled protection to your wood deck or lawn.
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    26*26 inch
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    60*60 inch
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    3 Layers
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    Multi-Layer Composite
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- Introduction of Heaterk and the Fire Pit Mat -

Heaterk: The Leading Edge of Fire Safety. Step into a world where innovation meets your every need.


In the contemporary realm of fire safety, Heaterk has carved out a unique niche, establishing itself as a premier manufacturer of heat-resistant mats for fire pits. Our legacy isn't just grounded in creating top-tier products but also in fostering strategic alliances with our primary clientele - Amazon sellers. We understand the pulse of the market, especially the increased demand for fire pit mats tailored for specific needs such as decks, grassy environments, or composite decking. 


heat resistant fire pit mat protects your wood, stone, cement or brick lawn surface, wood deck and patio from heat damage


For homeowners passionate about adorning their wooden decks with portable fire pits, there's always the looming question: "How do I protect my wood deck from potential fire damage?" Enter Heaterk's flagship product - the fire pit mat crafted from silicone-coated fiberglass fabric. It isn't just any fire pit mat; it's a fusion of innovation and safety.


A deck protector for fire pits or, as some may term it, a fireproof mat for decking is vital for preserving the integrity of wooden or composite decks. Our mat ensures that your deck remains pristine; and free from the harsh effects of heat. Moreover, For those who are environmentally conscious, our fire pit mat for grass ensures that nature remains unscarred, allowing you to enjoy your portable fire pit without the guilt of environmental degradation.


Yet, what truly sets our product apart is its versatile application. Whether you're in search of a fireproof mat for your deck, a heat shield for your fire pit on your deck, or simply a mat to place under your fire pit, Heaterk has got you covered. Each fire pit deck protector is meticulously crafted, underscoring our commitment to heat resistance and safeguarding surfaces.


In summary, at Heaterk, we're not just selling a product. We're offering peace of mind. Our fire pit mats, be it for a wood deck, composite deck, or grassy patches, ensure that the joy of an evening by the fire doesn't come with a hefty repair bill the next morning.


So, why choose Heaterk? Because we understand fire safety, the nuances of different surfaces, and most importantly, we understand you.


Customization at its Best  -

 Dream it, Design it, Deliver it. At Heaterk, we turn your unique vision into a tangible reality.

Fire Pit Mat for Decking 

At Heaterk, we don't merely offer products; we craft solutions. Our commitment to excellence shines brightest through our unparalleled customization services, meticulously tailored to meet specific customer requirements. When it comes to safety and aesthetics for your outdoor spaces, one-size-fits-all simply doesn't cut it. 

Imagine a scenario: You're a seller targeting homeowners with composite decking. You understand the challenges of placing a portable fire pit on such surfaces and the urgent need for a fire pit mat specifically designed for composite decks. At Heaterk, that vision becomes reality. Our dedicated team thrives on turning unique requirements, such as a fireproof mat for decking or a heat-resistant mat for a fire pit, into tangible, high-quality products.

Furthermore, our expertise doesn't stop at fire pit mats for wood decks or grassy terrains. For those exploring novel coatings or seeking specific composite solutions for their fire pit pads, we rise to the occasion. Whether it's integrating heat shields for fire pits on decks, ensuring fireproof properties for mats, or delivering optimal heat resistance, our customization options remain boundless.

To sum it up, Heaterk remains at the forefront of innovation, bridging the gap between what's available and what's needed. By providing fire pit mats tailored for every scenario, from wood decks to composite decking, we ensure every customer finds their perfect match.

When you think of custom solutions for fire safety, think of Heaterk. Because your unique vision deserves a product that fits, not just one that works.


- The Superiority of Heaterk's Materials  -

 More than Just Fabric - It's a Promise of Quality, Durability, and Safety.


 The difference between with and without fire pit mat

The difference between with and without fire pit mat

 fire pit mat comparison

In the quest for optimum safety and performance, the materials used play a pivotal role. At Heaterk, our commitment to superior quality is manifested through our choice of materials: silicone-coated fiberglass fabric. Let's delve into the exceptional properties of this fabric, the backbone of our esteemed fire pit mats.

Arguably the heart of our heat-resistant mats for fire pits, the silicone-coated fiberglass fabric stands out for numerous reasons. Foremost, its non-irritating nature ensures that users can handle our fire pit mats without discomfort or health concerns. When situating a fire pit mat for a wood deck or any other surface, the user's safety is our primary concern.

Our fabric's temperature resistance is noteworthy. Whether exposed to the biting cold of -67°F (-55°C) or the intense heat, maintaining a consistent +446°F (230°C) for a staggering 1000 hours, our fabric remains unaltered. This ensures that whether you're using a fire pit mat for decking in chilly winters or during sizzling summers, the product retains its integrity.

Structural strength is another hallmark. With a breaking strength of 1500 lbs/inch (267.9 kg/cm) in warp and an impressive 2025 lbs/inch (200.95 kg/cm) infill, this material boasts robustness. Its Elmendorf tear strength stands at 200 lbs (90.7 kg) for warp and 150 lbs (68.05 kg) for fill, emphasizing the material's resilience against wear and tear.

Lastly, when it comes to fire safety, our fireproof fire pit mats ensure rapid flame resistance. Both afterglow and flameout durations max out at a mere 1 second, ensuring rapid self-extinguishing properties. Whether you're using our mats as a deck protector for a fire pit or a fireproof mat for a deck, such swift flame resistance ensures minimized fire hazards.

Heaterk meticulous choice of materials, supported by empirical data, underscores Heaterk's dedication to product superiority. When you invest in a Heaterk fire pit mat, you're not just purchasing a product; you're securing peace of mind backed by proven excellence.

- Years of Expertise Serving Amazon Sellers  -

 Seasoned in Excellence: Your Amazon Success is Our Testament.


Navigating the expansive marketplace of Amazon requires insight, adaptability, and a keen understanding of sellers' unique needs. At Heaterk, we proudly tout years of expertise in precisely this arena, serving dedicated Amazon sellers with unparalleled distinction.

Our journey began with identifying the specific challenges sellers faced on the platform, especially those selling outdoor essentials like portable fire pits. One recurring concern was the absence of a truly heat resistant mat for fire pits or a reliable fire pit deck protector suitable for both wood decks and composite decking. The market was rife with generic solutions, but what was glaringly missing were specialized, high-quality offerings like a fireproof mat for decking or a dedicated fire pit mat for grassy areas.

With our profound industry insights, we went to work, crafting solutions tailored to these challenges. We introduced fireproof fire pit mats and protector mats with top-tier heat resistance, ensuring that sellers could confidently cater to homeowners with diverse outdoor settings. Our commitment has always been to enhance product listings with items that resonate with quality, durability, and specificity.

The resulting satisfaction of our Amazon clientele speaks volumes. As they scaled their businesses with our products, they were met with positive reviews, repeated purchases, and a growing customer base, affirming the quality and reliability of Heaterk's offerings.

In essence, our years of service to Amazon sellers is a testament to our adaptability, understanding, and unwavering commitment to excellence.


- Certifications: A Testament to Quality  -

 Beyond Standards: Our Certifications Speak Volumes, So You Don't Have To.


Fire Pit Mat for Decking advantage


In the world of fire safety and outdoor protection, certifications aren't mere badges; they're promises of trust, reliability, and performance. At Heaterk, we understand that for B2B customers, the assurance of quality is paramount, especially when dealing with products like heat resistant mats for fire pits and deck protectors.

Our fire pit mats, lauded for their exceptional performance on both wood decks and composite decking, proudly bear the SGS test certification. As an internationally recognized testing body, the SGS stamp stands for rigorous quality control and product integrity. Whether you're considering our fire pit mat for decking or the heat shield for fire pits on decks, the SGS certification is your guarantee that our products meet global standards.

But that's not all. Our offerings also come with the UL94 VTM-0 certification. This speaks volumes about the fire safety of our products, assuring potential clients of their fireproof nature, whether it's our fireproof mat for deck applications or our specialized fire pit pad.

Finally, the CE certification amplifies our commitment to safety and quality within the European Economic Area. When you see the CE mark on our products, it's an endorsement of compliance with health, safety, and environmental protection standards.

For our B2B partners, these certifications aren't just marks on a product—they're a testament to Heaterk's commitment to excellence, safety, and unparalleled quality in every fire pit mat and protector mat we produce.

- Benefits of Partnering with Heaterk -

 A Partnership with Heaterk: Where Every Spark Ignites Opportunities.


When it comes to optimizing safety and aesthetics for outdoor spaces, choosing the right fire protection is vital. But the product is only as good as the partnership that brings it to the market. At Heaterk, we don't just offer heat resistant mats for fire pits; we offer a robust partnership brimming with unmatched benefits.

Competitive Pricing: Direct partnership means eliminating the middleman. By sourcing our fire pit mats, whether designed for wood decks, composite decking, or even grass applications, you're securing premier products at factory-direct prices. This ensures that our partners gain a competitive edge in the market without compromising on quality.

Reliable Supply Chain: With Heaterk, consistency is a guarantee. Our extensive experience in crafting fireproof mats for decking and other applications ensures a steady supply, regardless of the size of your order. Be it a demand for deck protectors, fire pit pads, or any other product in our repertoire, we're equipped to deliver.

Top-Tier Customer Support: We pride ourselves on understanding the intricacies of B2B relations. Our dedicated team is ever-ready to assist, ensuring you get timely answers, product insights, and the kind of support that makes business seamless.

Extended Billing Period: We recognize the challenges of business cash flows. That's why, at Heaterk, we offer up to 6 months of billing period support. It's not just about selling products; it's about building relationships that last.

Direct Factory Advantage: When you partner with Heaterk, you're not just sourcing fire pit mats or protector mats; you're tapping into the core of innovation and quality. Buying directly from our factory means you're getting products shaped by expertise, driven by technology, and backed by our promise of excellence.


In today's competitive market, ensuring the safety and aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces is paramount. Every fire pit mat for a wood deck, every heat shield for a fire pit on composite decking, and every fireproof mat for decking speak volumes about your commitment to quality and safety. The question is: are you equipped with the best?


At Heaterk, our product range, from heat resistant mats to deck protectors, is crafted with precision, offering unrivaled heat resistance and aesthetic appeal. But what truly sets us apart is the Heaterk experience – a blend of cutting-edge products, steadfast support, and a partnership ethos built on trust and mutual growth.


Now, it's your turn to experience the Heaterk difference.


Dive into a partnership that goes beyond just products. Whether you're in the market for fire pit mats tailored for grass settings or robust protector mats for high-traffic wood decks, we have a solution. And we're eager to customize, collaborate, and co-create, ensuring your offerings resonate with market demands.


Don't just take our word for it. Reach out, explore, and engage. Experience firsthand the tangible and intangible benefits of partnering with a leader in fire safety solutions. 


Contact Us to embark on a journey of growth, innovation, and unmatched quality.

Data Sheet
Product Name
Fire Pit Mat
Brand Name
Place of Origin
Jiangsu, China
Applicable Scene
Temperature Resistant
Silicone coating + double glass fiber + thermal insulation aluminum foil, 4 layers in total
24,36,38 inches or customized
Customizable Options
Size, thickness, temperature resistance, coating process, packaging, printing, etc.