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What are the types of ceramic fibers according to fiber types?

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Ceramic fibers are known for their excellent flame puncture, high temperature, chemical, and weather resistance. But many people don't understand that the same ceramic fiber, but many.

(1) Silicon carbide fiber

Silicon carbide fiber

A high strength, high elastic modulus fiber, its tensile strength can reach 2.5~3.5GPa; elastic modulus is 200GPa, it has good chemical corrosion resistance, small linear expansion coefficient, about 3.1×16K1, radiation resistance, Good wave absorption, and semiconductor properties, silicon carbide fiber reinforced polymer matrix composites can absorb or transmit radar waves and can be used as stealth structural materials and heat-resistant materials for radomes and various aircraft components.

(2) Boron fiber

Boron fiber

The tensile strength of boron fiber is 310MPa, the elastic modulus is 420GPa, and it has good chemical stability. It is mainly used in the structural parts of aerospace and military equipment.

(3) Alumina fiber

Alumina fiber

Alumina fiber has excellent high-temperature heat insulation and can be made into fiber blankets, fiber paper, fiber rope, and other refractory products. ;m3, low density, good thermal insulation performance, often used as a furnace lining, which can save materials and energy and reduce the volume of heating furnace

Other ceramic fibers include boron nitride fibers, silicon nitride fibers (Si3N4, ceramic whiskers (Whiskers), silicon carbide whiskers, carbon whiskers, etc., which are not used in detail because they are used less, if you need them, you can also Contact Heaterk, we also provide related products.

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