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Detailed Explanation of The Base Fabric for Making PTFE Glass Fiber Fabric

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Update time : 2022-08-17 10:48:32

In the dipping and sintering process of PTFE-coated fabrics, the requirements for glass fiber base fabrics are higher, especially the flatness and surface tension uniformity of the base fabrics significantly influence the flatness and performance of the membrane material.

Production of PTFE glass fiber cloth

At present, environmental protection standards are a new direction that the world is constantly pursuing. Therefore, the grade of glass fiber cloth as a base cloth is continually improving. Heaterk follows the ISO14001:2015 environmental quality management system, and all products use E-Glass without alkalinity. Fiberglass fabric as the base cloth.

E-Glass fiberglass fabric

This electronic-grade fiberglass cloth is harmless to the environment and non-irritating to the human body, which protects the safety of personnel and the background to the greatest extent.

woven plain weave fiberglass fabric

Generally, the base fabric requires a smooth surface, uniform tension, no yarn joints and yarn breakage, and no oil stains and other defects. The base fabric generally adopts woven plain weave or Panama structure, and the warp and weft yarn density is usually controlled within 13 pieces/cm.

electronic-grade fiberglass fabric manufacturers

The warping process is the critical technology, generally using batch warping and merging or one-time distortion. In the weaving of wide fabrics, the batch warping and re-spinning method is usually used, which is widely used in electronic-grade fiberglass fabric manufacturers; in the weaving of narrow fabrics, one-time warping can better ensure the quality of the material. Flatness, but there are problems such as inconvenience in changing varieties and low production efficiency.

Rapier looms are generally used for weaving, and rigid telescopic rapier looms are better, which have no wear on the warp yarns, which is conducive to the weaving of glass fiber base fabrics.

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