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Application of Glass Fiber Needle Mat

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Update time : 2023-03-22 12:26:56

Fiberglass needle mat, also known as fiberglass insulation mat or needled fiberglass mat, is a nonwoven material made by mechanically bonding randomly guide glass fibers. It has numerous applications due to its unique properties, such as high-temperature resistance, thermal insulation, noise reduction, and low thermal conductivity.

What are the application fields of glass fiber needle felt?


 High-temperature insulation

High-temperature insulation: Fiberglass needle mat is used in industries requiring insulation in high-temperature environments, such as furnaces, kilns, boilers, and heat exchangers.


Automotive and transportation

Automotive and transportation: It is commonly used in the automotive industry for exhaust system insulation, heat shields, and engine compartments to reduce heat transfer and improve overall vehicle performance.


Aerospace and aviation

Aerospace and aviation: Fiberglass needle mat is used in aircraft components for thermal and acoustic insulation.


Industrial equipment insulation

Industrial equipment: It provides thermal insulation for various industrial equipment and machinery, such as ovens, dryers, and heating elements, to ensure energy efficiency and protect components from heat damage.


vehicles insulation

Acoustic insulation: Fiberglass needle mat is used in soundproofing applications to reduce noise levels in commercial and residential buildings, industrial facilities, and vehicles.


Fire protection: Due to their non-combustible nature, fiberglass needle mats can be used as a fire barrier in various applications.


Construction and building materials

Construction and building materials: It is used as insulation material in walls, ceilings, and floors of buildings to improve energy efficiency and reduce noise. 


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